The following are examples of Vancouver's many internationally competitive sectors


越来越多地, Vancouver is growing its reputation as a major global hub for social purpose businesses, 创意和创新. 一个广泛的, dynamic sector that’s experiencing tremendous growth, it’s also a sector still unfamiliar to many, especially since there are as many different missions as there are social enterprises.

Vancouver is a world leader in blending enterprise 而且 social values through various business models. This includes for-profit social purpose businesses, non-profit social enterprises 而且 co-operatives. Canada’s first hybrid business model, the 社区贡献公司,或C3,在公元前启动. The number of social enterprises in Vancouver is rapidly growing 而且 now includes more than 750 social enterprises engaged in addressing local 而且 globally relevant social issues.

Vancouver’s fastest-growing social enterprise subsector is for-profit ventures in environmentally conscious areas. Many are owned 而且 operated by impact-conscious millennials, Vancouver’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

Vancouver is attracting international attention as a social enterprise hub. This recognition is helping draw high-profile events such as TED, which committed to relocating its annual conference to Vancouver, 从30开始th 2014年周年大会. TED 而且 other organizations relocating here have realised that Vancouver is a place to generate 而且 foster world-changing ideas.

According to the most recent Canadian 社会企业 Sector Survey, 104 BC social enterprises surveyed generated at least $60 million in revenues, 训练有素的6,250人, 为超过695人提供服务,000 community members 而且 provided opportunities for 5,520名志愿者.



Vancouver has deep ties to the natural resource industries. 约,200 mineral exploration companies are located in resource-abundant British Columbia, with approximately 800 headquartered in Vancouver. 它们包括 泰克资源有限 而且 Goldcorp Inc .)., two of the world’s largest mining companies. Most mining employment in Vancouver is connected to executive office 而且 mining support services such as geological research, 工商管理, 金融, 管理, 工程及环境咨询.

Similarly, two-thirds of the province’s largest forestry companies are headquartered here. BC is one of the world’s largest exporters of wood products, 有投资钢厂的机会, 林业业务, 附加值木材产品和生物燃料. Almost 60 per cent of the province’s l而且 base is productive forest l而且, 提供丰富的, 多样化的, 以及丰富的木材纤维. The forest industry represents 3 per cent of the province’s GDP, 和贡献150,000 jobs in direct 而且 indirect employment.

A smaller coterie of companies in the oil 而且 gas sector also call Vancouver home, including 荷兰皇家壳牌公司 而且 西北太平洋液化天然气 它属于 马来西亚国家石油公司该公司是马来西亚最大的能源公司.

Yet today, Vancouver is much more than a place where resource companies locate. 绿色理念, creativity 而且 innovators are increasingly helping traditional industries transition to more sustainable business practices, thanks to the city’s reputation as a global leader in environmental technologies 而且 最佳实践.



Financial services companies employ approximately 60,000人 in Metro Vancouver. 受过高等教育的, this workforce has relatively low turnover thanks to Vancouver’s much-envied quality of life.

Financial services started here as a critical business support function for mining 而且 forestry. 今天, local financial services companies operate in global markets, leveraging 而且 facilitating Vancouver’s position as a global commercial gateway. Shared language 而且 customs with the US are critical assets. So too are strong cultural ties to emerging Asian economies.

BC was the first foreign government to sell bonds into China’s domestic market, 而且 in 2015 Vancouver became a Reminbi (RMB) clearance centre.

Vancouver performs particularly well in four financial services subsectors: banking, 信用合作社, international financial transactions 而且 venture capital investment. All five of Canada’s largest banks have significant operations in Vancouver; several international banks also have offices here, including the Canadian headquarters of London’s 汇丰银行 -世界最大的银行之一.

Cooperative banking is a cornerstone of Vancouver’s banking system, 而且 includes such known 而且 respected institutions as Vancity 而且 海岸资本储蓄. The credit union system in BC is the largest among Canada’s English-speaking provinces.

Vancouver is also developing an important niche in international treasury 而且 financial functions, 包括保理, 进口/出口融资, 外汇和后台支持.
一个健壮的, diversified economy 而且 very favourable tax environment make Vancouver’s financial services sector highly competitive.



在公元前, the life sciences industry includes approximately 310 companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, 医疗设备, bioproducts和生物能源, 以及更伟大的生命科学. 该行业的雇员超过11人,000人, generating more than $800 million per year in revenues 而且 with a total estimated impact of $14 billion on the province’s GDP. The industry has proven especially successful in translating commercially promising health research into new treatments that are improving patient outcomes 而且 saving lives.

Metro Vancouver is home to about 70 per cent of British Columbia’s life sciences industry — 而且 highly regarded as a centre of excellence in biopharmaceuticals. Vancouver’s UBC–Broadway Corridor is fast becoming a world-class life sciences cluster thanks to a growing concentration of industry facilities.

在地铁拉菲彩票代理平台, world-renowned research is being conducted in four specific life sciences areas: oncology research; infectious diseases, 包括对艾滋病的关注, SARS 而且 prions; neuroscience research; 而且 regenerative medicine.

The industry includes a strong complement of established 而且 next-generation firms such as 干细胞技术 而且 安进公司的BC-based子公司.

Vancouver’s competitive advantage is found in a talented 而且 multilingual workforce, government investments 而且 high-quality university 而且 research 而且 development (R&D) programs — a mix that also includes researchers, 研究椅子, multidisciplinary research centres 而且 more than 100 research agreements with major global pharmaceutical companies.

The sector has attracted billions in research funding 而且 continues attracting new investments for product development. Vancouver’s location — within easy reach of life sciences collaborators 而且 venture capital sources in Washington State 而且 California — is another undisputed advantage.



Vancouver has a young 而且 thriving apparel industry with a growing list of homegrown br而且s internationally recognized as global leaders for their design, technological innovation 而且 sustainability. More than 200 apparel companies have design operations in Vancouver, earning nearly $2 billion in revenue in 2013.

The industry ranges from a complement of established firms with global reach, to a group of emerging firms 而且 startups with a more local focus. 等公司 Lululemon Athletica公司. (yogawear)和 弧'teryx设备公司. (performance outerwear) are recognized as global benchmarks, while 约翰Fluevog鞋 has been called one of the world’s top-10 most innovative fashion companies 而且 21st-century custom suit-maker Indochino服装 在时尚界掀起轩然大波了吗. Though womenswear is the largest category, featuring industry leaders such as Aritizia, 赫歇尔, 橡树+堡 而且 D a c e, Vancouver is best known internationally as a leader in performance 而且 sustainable apparel.

与大自然只有几步之遥, the perfect grounds for research 而且 product development, the city’s apparel industry has leveraged regional expertise in technological 而且 environmental innovation to create a global hub for performance apparel 而且 eco-fashion. Beyond attracting the top creative minds with its active lifestyle 而且 cosmopolitan outlook, Vancouver’s location is ideally situated for apparel companies seeking access to key US 而且 Asian markets.
Vancouver's 其他部门 - Performance Apparel


艺术文化繁荣发展, Vancouver is muse to world-renowned artists, 作家, 舞蹈家和音乐家, 而且 home to the highest proportion of “creatives” in Canada. The city is known as a community that warmly embraces the arts 而且 culture — not only through its enthusiasm but via direct 而且 ongoing public 而且 private investments.

Vancouverites spent an average of $1,000 per person on arts 而且 culture annually. Overall, British Columbians are most likely in Canada to give to arts 而且 culture.
Attracting new artists 而且 productions is vital to creating Vancouver’s vibrant creative communities, which is why the City of Vancouver 而且 Vancouver Board of Parks 而且 Recreation award a combined $10.1 million each year to non-profit arts 而且 cultural organizations. Among the City’s many granting programs are the 艺术家现场/工作工作室奖 程序中, 社区 & 社区艺术发展补助金 程序中, 文化基础设施项目, 邻居匹配基金. According to the Canadian Arts Database, in return for every dollar invested by the City another $16.24条来自其他来源.

Three important competitive advantages that play a significant role in fostering a culture-rich 而且 vibrant Vancouver are its inspiring venues, diversity of events 而且 more than 100 arts 而且 culture organizations 而且 societies that contribute to this overall success.

拉菲彩票代理平台是全球人才的集散中心. Just some of the famous names associated with the city 而且 the surrounding area include: Bryan Adams, 尼尔布洛姆坎普, 麦可布雷, 金·卡特拉尔, 海登。克里斯坦森, 道格拉斯·科普兰, 迈克尔·J. 狐狸, 格里姆斯, 泰勒媚俗, 娜奥米·克莱恩, 萨拉克劳克兰, Carrie-Anne苔藓, 莫莉·帕克, 想要什么, 卡莉Rae Jepsen, 瑞安-雷诺兹, 和塞斯·罗根.